Your favorite travel pillow, cycling accessories, and Travelpro luggage lead off Saturday’s best deals.

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The Cabeau Evolution was your favorite travel pillow (by a long shot), and you can save 20% on yours today with promo code KIUKSYD8.

Unlike cheaper travel pillows that you have to inflate with air, the Evolution is made of memory foam, and wraps all the way around your neck to provide support no matter what direction your head falls when you nod off. You won’t win any fashion awards while you’re using it, but you won’t care, because you’ll be asleep.

We’ve been waiting for a deal on these ever since the Co-Op over six months ago, and this is the first we’ve ever seen (though there have been a couple on the Cabeau Evolution Cool). There’s a good chance you’ll be making a plane trip or long car journey for the holidays in the near future, so there’s never been a better time to splurge on one of these. You even get to pick from all of the available colors (sold by Cabeau).

Travelpro, purveyor of your favorite rolling carry-on luggage, is blowing out a ton of popular bags in today’s Amazon Gold Box.

The most popular option here will probably be the 21" Crew 11 carry-on, but there are several larger bags and bundles on sale as well. These prices are only available today, but Travelpro deals typically sell out early, so don’t get bumped.

Anker has continued its inexorable march towards producing anything that includes a battery with the gargantuan PowerHouse electric “generator,” and you can save $100 on yours for a limited time.

I put “generator” in scare quotes because you can’t readily use the PowerHouse to generate electricity, unless you buy additional solar panels. Instead, it’s basically a gigantic lithium-ion battery that can power everything from mini-fridges to laptops to televisions to emergency medical equipment for hours on end.

There are a few similar products on the market, most notably Goal Zero’s Yeti 400, but those use heavy lead-acid batteries (the Yeti weighs 29 pounds), rather than lithium-ion like the 9.3 pound PowerHouse.

I could see using this thing as an alternative to a noisy gas generator for tailgating, or you could just keep it charged and at the ready for power outages at home. It’s definitely an investment at its $500 list price, but for a limited time, it’s down to $400, matching an all-time low.

You’ve got two choices when it comes to checking on the progress of your dinner in the oven. You could poke at it with a kitchen thermometer until you think it’s done, or you could sit on the couch and wait for your phone to tell you when it’s ready.

The highly-rated iDevices iGrill Thermometer uses a leave-in probe to monitor the progress of your meal on the grill, on the stovetop, or even in the oven, and connects to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth to alert you as soon as it reaches the proper temperature. I actually gave a slightly different iDevices thermometer to my dad for his birthday a few years ago, and it worked as advertised. Today’s $24 price tag is an all-time low, so be sure to grab yours before this deal overcooks.

The Worx AeroCart could best be described as the lovechild of a dolly and a wheelbarrow, so if you ever need to move heavy loads, this is one of the most flexible tools you can buy. Just note that today’s $100 price tag is only available today, or until sold out.

Whether you’re backing up your files, rolling your own Dropbox clone, or storing a massive collection of legally obtained video content, a NAS is the right tool for the job, and two different models from QNAP are marked down to all-time low prices today.

It’s important to note that these don’t come with any drives, so you’ll want to pick up some WD Reds, which are designed specifically for the always-on environment of a NAS.

The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and never having enough power outlets. I can’t help you with the first two, but you can alleviate the third with these Belkin surge protectors, marked down to all-time low prices.

128GB of storage on a card the size of your pinkie nail. What a world.

If anyone on your holiday shopping list likes to tinker with their car, a variety of automotive electronics are on sale in today’s Amazon Gold Box, including head units, amps, speakers, and radar detectors, just for starters.

LEGO has come to be dominated by licensed sets with strict instructions and little room for creativity, but you can still buy a big ol’ box of LEGO bricks for $21 on Amazon today, an all-time low. It doesn’t include Han Solo or a Minecraft creeper, but you will get 484 pieces to build whatever you want.

Because who doesn’t like chocolate and cookies?

There’s an old joke that NASA spent millions developing a pen that could write in space, and the Russians used a pencil. Whatever, it was totally worth it. Amazon’s selling the official Fisher 400B space pen for just $13 right now, so you too can write in zero gravity, in sub-zero temperatures, or even under water.

Pint glasses are nature’s perfect drinking vessels for any kind of cold beverage, and Amazon will sell you 10 for just $12 right now. Cheers to that.

Wine aerators can make inexpensive red wines taste a little bit better, and this attractive model from Rabbit is cheaper than ever on Amazon. The alternative is of course pouring your wine in a blender, though that’s a bit more work.

If you have any avid cyclists on your shopping list this month, Amazon’s discounting a ton of great gift ideas, including the uber-popular Kryptonite Kryptolok, a bike-centric multitool, and a magnetic indoor trainer, just to name a few.

Today only, Amazon’s kicking up deals on soccer balls, shin guards, and goalie gloves from Adidas and Ace. You can find all of the deals here, but note that this is a Gold Box deal, so don’t let it go into stoppage time.

Anki Overdrive is like slot cars for the smartphone age, and the starter set is marked down to its Black Friday price. If it looks familiar, it’s because you probably played with it at an Apple Store.

Want to get away? Amazon’s discounting dozens of popular Kindle ebooks about travel to just a few bucks each today. This deal includes practical books like Rick Steves Best of Italy, cookbooks like this one full of Spanish recipes, and also variety of memoirs and historical retellings like Lost in Shangri-La which at least tangentially touch on the theme of travel.

Want to get caught up on Star Wars before Rogue One arrives in theaters? Amazon’s marked the digital six-film bundle (sorry, The Force Awakens fans) down to $69 in HD, or about $16 less than usual.

In addition to the films themselves, you’ll get access to bonus features for each movie. The best part though? You can watch them any time you want on any device that supports Amazon Instant Video. We don’t know how long this will last though, so lock in your price before Amazon alters the deal.

With 4GB of RAM and an IPS touchscreen, the Lenovo N22 is a little more advanced than your average Chromebook. Today only though, you’ll only have to pay the bargain basement price of $180. And yes, it will run Android apps.

Perfect for the film buff on your holiday shopping list, if you buy a $50 Regal Cinemas gift card, you’ll get a $10 bonus code via email. If you keep that code for yourself, we won’t tell.

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself or your loved ones this year is a clean home, and if you book cleaning services through Amazon right now, you can get up to $100 back.

It works like this: If you book three cleanings through Amazon, you’ll save $25. Six cleanings? Save $50. And to save $100, you’ll need to book a dozen. You’ll be charged for each cleaning session as it’s completed, and you’ll get your cash back credited after they’re completed.

Perhaps the best part of this system is Amazon’s flexible scheduling; you’ll only schedule your next cleaning the previous one has been completed, so you could conceivably use two of these to spruce up your home before and after a house party, or put them on hold if you go on vacation.

When you think about it, a showerproof Bluetooth speaker is just about the perfect, inexpensive gift idea for almost everyone. Tons of people like to sing in the shower, or could use the time to listen to podcasts, so the Mpow Buckler should be a crowd pleaser for $16. There are tons of these speakers on the market, but I appreciate that this one has a built-in suction cup to stick to the side of the shower.

You don’t need to remove wheels, fold down seats, and buy a bunch of bungee cords to transport your bike by car. Allen Sports’ popular bike racks can hold anywhere from two to five bikes to the back of nearly any vehicle, and a ton of different options are on sale today on Amazon.

Even if your personal Miyazaki collection is comprehensive, I bet you have some friends and family members who would appreciate his films. Several of his best are down to $15 on Blu-ray on Amazon right now, which is just about as cheap as they ever get.

If you still haven’t tried out a home theater bias light, there’s never been a better time to pick one up. Vansky’s LED bias light strips plug directly into your TV’s USB port for power, and stick to the back of the set via built-in adhesive. Once you turn your TV on, the LEDs cast a soft glow on the wall behind them, which can reduce eyestrain when watching in the dark, and improve your TV’s perceived black levels.

We’ve posted deals on these several times now, but today’s $12 (RGB) and $10 (white) price points are all-time lows. Just be sure to use code GT8OMP06 at checkout to get the deal.

In case you missed it last week amidst the Black Friday craziness, you can still grab a pair of Bosch Insight wiper blades for $23 from Amazon today.

Just pick the two you need, add them to your cart, and the discount should appear automatically, assuming both were shipped and sold by The deal even allows you to mix and match sizes, so you can almost certainly find a combination that will work for your car.

Anker’s home goods brand, Eufy, put its new set of copper string lights back on sale today for their lowest price ever, complete with adjustable brightness and multiple effects. A version of these lights without the remote was on sale for $7 last week, but the remote’s convenience and added lighting options make it well worth the price premium.

Hot off the heels of its $10-off-$25 physical book sale last weekend, Amazon’s now taking $5 off any $15 book purchase (including multiple, cheaper books) with promo code GIFTBOOK.

Just like last time, this deal excludes Kindle titles and audiobooks, but if there are any commemorative coffee table-type books or collector’s editions that you’ve been eyeing, this is a great opportunity. Just choose carefully; you can only use the code once per account.

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